Belbin Group Roles Results


Each full bar represents the team roles profile of one person. Each Colour represents a different group role. The numbers respond to the number of points each person attributed to answers typical to a group role type, in the questionnaire in week 2’s session (time and project management)


Have a look at your own profile. I’ve included the average profile of your class, and of a sample of 78 people of the general public, representing the population average. How do you compare to these averages?


The table below gives some more information about each team role;

Type Symbol Team Role Typical Features Positive Qualities Allowable weaknesses
Implementer IMP A good organiser – turns ideas into practical action Conservative, dutiful, predictable Organising ability, practical common sense, hard working, self discipline Lack of flexibility, unresponsiveness to unproven ideas
Co – ordinator CO Clarifies goals, co-ordinates, promotes decision making Calm, self confident, controlled A capacity for treating and welcoming all potential contributors on their merits and without prejudice. A strong sense of objectives No more than ordinary in terms of intellect or creative ability
Shaper SH Forces things along, shapes teams efforts, seeing relationships between issues Highly strung, outgoing, dynamic Drive and a readiness to challenge inertia, ineffectiveness, complacency or self deception Proneness to provocation, irritation and impatience
Plant PL The ideas person, provider of innovative solutions Individualistic, serious minded, unorthodox Genius, imagination, intellect, knowledge Up in the clouds, inclined to disregard practical details or protocol
Resource Investigator RI Explorer of opportunities, developer of outside contacts Extroverted, enthusiastic, curious, communicative A capacity for contacting people and exploring anything new. An ability to respond to challenge Liable to lose interest once the initial fascination has passed
Monitor Evaluator ME Analyses and evaluates the options, is accurate judge of things Sober, unemotional, prudent Judgement, discretion, hard headedness Lacks inspiration or the ability to motivate others
Team Worker TW The internal diplomat, listens to all sides, builds, averts friction, calms the waters Socially orientated, rather mild, sensitive An ability to respond to people and to situations, and to promote team spirit Indecisiveness at moments of crisis
Completer Finisher CF Looks after the detail, searches out errors and omissions, delivers on time Painstaking, orderly, conscientious, anxious A capacity for follow through. Perfectionism A tendency to worry about small things. A reluctance to “let go”.
Specialist SP Provides specialist knowledge and skills Single minded, self starting, dedicated Pre-eminent in his or her field Contributes only on a narrow front, dwells on technicalities, overlooks the big picture


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